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New Indoor Showroom Now Open......


Our new indoor showroom is now open. It offers you the opportunity to view any of of cars under cover so come rain or shine, light or dark you will be able to see the car at its best.


Call in for a look of around, it'll be great to see you.

Driverless Cars Getting Ever Closer.


If you thought the standard of driving in the UK was the result of dummies behind the wheel, you might be on to something. The Government today confirmed that driverless cars will be permitted on British roads from summer 2015.

Paper tax discs will vanish from cars - but half of drivers are still unaware of the new rules.


The windscreen tax discs will be scrapped from October 1 and replaced by electronic records where police cameras will check number plates to catch owners who have not paid.

However, a survey found that 50 per cent of drivers are still ignorant about when the changes take effect. Nearly a third of them said they will not even try to find out what the new rules are.

Almost a third of those polled said they will wait for instructions from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. However, the comparison website claims that the DVLA has not yet started adding warnings to tax renewal reminders. Hannah Maundrell, editor in chief of, said: “Changes to the vehicle tax system are no bad thing and we fully welcome the introduction of direct debit payments, particularly for consumers who may be struggling to keep up with the soaring cost of driving. “It will also help to eliminate the problem of people who genuinely forget to renew their tax and end up being stung with a hefty fine.

“However, I suspect the new system may experience some teething problems so drivers really need to make sure they're on top of their game.” The move away from paper discs, after 93 years, is designed to offer motorists more flexible payment options and make it harder for people to evade taxing their cars.

Estimates show that the changes could save the taxpayer £10million a year. Car owners will still need to have paid vehicle tax to drive on the roads. But under the new system, the tax will no longer be automatically transferred with a car when it is sold.


Sellers are expected to tell the DVLA straight away of the change of ownership or face £1,000 fines. Shane Teskey, from vehicle history check website, told the Mail: “Those who fail to inform the DVLA, could be fined and they will still be liable for any speeding or parking fines and vehicle tax for a car they don't even own any more.” Around 53 per cent of drivers said they would use the new option of paying by direct debit, according to the survey. Those choosing to spread the cost by paying twice a year or monthly will incur a 5 per cent additional charge. However this is half of the 10 per cent surcharge currently applied to six-month tax discs, used by 23 per cent of drivers. Motorists can also pay annually with no extra cost under the new system.


The scrapping of the tax disc has been well documented, and the change was officially announced in last year's Autumn Statement. Automatic number plate recognition cameras will spot motorists who have not paid the tax. More than 1.7billion tax discs have been issued since 1921. Last year, the DVLA issued 42.2million of them.

Worlds Wackiest Police Car


This has to be the world’s wackiest police car and probably the most impractical......where would the prisoners go?

Koenigsegg One: Worlds Fastest Car!!

The 1,322bhp Koenigsegg One:1 hypercar is on show at Geneva and is expected soon to be crowned the most powerful production car in the world. Its styling is inspired by the Koenigsegg Agera, visible in the LED taillights and outsized exhaust pipe, but the One:1 can be distinguished by its bold rear wings and roof fin arrangement.


The designation One:1 is a reference to the car's power to weight ration, as its 1,340kg kerb weight matches its 1,340hp / 1,322bhp power output. This is courtesy of the Agera's turbocharged 5.0 litre V8 engine. It is this that will see it steal the SCC Ultimate Aero's crown, as the world's most powerful production car. That power is driven through a dual clutch, seven speed automatic transmission.


The result is that the One:1 can reach 250mph from standstill in a ridiculous 20 seconds, and then return to a stop within 10 seconds, thanks to a vast set of ceramic brakes.

As befits a car of such capabilities, the lack of a price tag announcement suggests something astronomical, as does a production run limited to six units.


The next stop for the One:1 could be the title of fastest production car in the world too, as its tyres are rated to 273mph. Should it prove capable of hitting that speed, it will surpass the current holder of that record, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport with 267.81mph.


The landscape of world's fastest cars has changed dramatically over the past century, with the Aston Martin DB4 and Mercedes 300SL holding early records, along with the Lamborghini Miura passing 170mph in 1966. The early Nineties saw the pendulum swing wildly between the McLaren F1, Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40.


Speed freaks will be anticipating what the Koenigsegg One:1 has to offer with glee.

New Car Sales

September was the best month for new car sales since 2008, but what were the best selling cars? Ford and Vauxhall still dominate the market but there was a few surprises.
1. Ford Fiesta
2. Vauxhall Corsa
3. Ford Focus
4. Volkswagen Golf
5. Vauxhall Astra
6. BMW 1 Series
7. BMW 3 Series
8. Peugeot 208
9. Nissan Qashqai
10. Fiat 500
So do you follow the crowd and go with a safe option or do you dare to be a little different??

New Traffic Laws In Force


According to accepted motorway stereotyping you could be forgiven for thinking the new powers for the police to issue fixed penalties for 'careless driving' have been drafted specifically with drivers of premium German saloons and SUVs in mind.


Yes, as they blaze relentlessly into your mirror, the driver's elbow on the window sill cupping phone to head with two empty lanes to his inside you can at least rest assured he's from today liable to three points and a £100 fine. If there's anyone around to enforce it of course.


This has prompted a fresh round of discussion on the topic in the mainstream media and among pressure groups. You can probably anticipate much of what's being said, Brake's deputy chief exec Julie Townsend saying, "We hope today's changes will help to improve driver attitudes and behaviour. But we are concerned penalties still aren't nearly high enough to deter all bad drivers and reflect the potentially appalling consequences of bad driving." Brake is asking the government to increase fines to between £500 and £1,000.


The Institute of Advanced Motorists meanwhile broadly supports the moves, albeit with caveats. "If the police target the worst and most persistent offenders this could be good news for road safety," says IAM chief exec Simon Best. "If, however, it just becomes another numbers game with thousands of careless driving tickets issued then the impact will be limited. The IAM believes that driver retraining courses have a much bigger potential to actually improve poor driving than simply issuing a standard fine and should always be offered as the first stage of prosecution."

Councils rack in £565 million profit from parking fines


Talk about a tidy profit! It turns out that councils have been racking it in from parking charges and fines to the tune of a £565 million profit.

Motorist’s frustration at a parking fine is certainly the council’s gain, according to new figures by the RAC Foundation.


The key point from all this is that despite traffic levels falling, parking charges were still pushed up with these profits from parking schemes in 2011/12 actually 10% up from a year ago, which equates to an extra £54 million.


The council getting the biggest surplus was Westminster, which made a profit of £41.6 million before capital charges, which is money spent on road infrastructure.

In fact, if you take out the money spent on road infrastructure from the £565 million profit, the combined surplus still stood at £412 million!


Last week Local government secretary Eric Pickles said: “This government has scrapped the last administration’s Whitehall rules which told councils to hike up parking charges and adopt aggressive parking enforcement.

“But councils aren’t listening, and local shops and hard-working families are suffering as a result. The law is clear that parking is not a tax or cash cow for town hall officers.”

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